More than just hydraulic modelling


Land River Sea Consulting has capabilities in a diverse range of areas.  See below for a selection of our skills and how we can potentially help you out.  Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you at anytime.


Hydraulic Modelling

1D, 2D and Combined 1D&2D Modelling

Advanced Photogrammetry & Aerial Photography

STructure From Motion, DEM Generation


Animations and 3D flyovers



Flood estimation / Rainfall Runoff Modelling

Expert Evidence

Expert Evidence / Witness

NZ Environment Court and Related Proceedings

Hazard Mapping & Analysis

Hazard Indentification & Risk Analysis

Damages Assessment

Damages Assessment

GIS Analysis - RiskSCape Assessment                 

Climate Change

Climate Change Impact Assessments

Assessment of Impacts due to Sea Level Rise and CHanges in Hydrology

Structure From Motion

Gravel Analysis / Sediment Transport


Peer Review

Peer Review