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About Us

Founded by Matthew Gardner in 2012, Land River Sea Consulting Ltd has been working on an extensive range of exciting and innovative engineering projects all around Aotearoa / New Zealand.  Starting out as a one-man band, we now consist of a multinational team with a broad range of skills.  Our primary focus is on projects related to river-based flooding.

Our team is accomplished in the use of the MIKE range of software powered by DHI and have significant expertise in a wide range of skills including drone surveying, geomorphic analysis, and rainfall-runoff modelling.   Working on a wide range of exciting projects, we also have a continual research and development programme that works to incorporate the latest advancements in technology into our workflows. To complement and broaden the skills we offer, we work in with a number of engineering consultants and firms around the country.


Core Services

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Flood Modelling

Hydraulics (1D/2D) / Hydrology including detailed results analysis

Drone Surveying

Including our propietary bathymetric surveying technique

Sediment Transport / Gravel Analysis

Geomorphic Change Analysis

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Flood Protection

Scheme design / Options Assessment

Optical Bathymetry

Convert aerial imagery into detailed and accurate bathymetric maps / DEMS

Peer Review / Expert Evidence

NZ Environment Court and Resource Management Hearings


Key Clients

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